QUALCON 2023: Quality 5.0

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Topic: Quality and Process

Process plays a significant role in delivering the desired results for an organisation. Process appears to be easy to understand by mapping inputs, processes and outputs.
While everything can be seen as a process in an organisation, the challenge is how to map and align them horizontally and vertically so that a good quality system can be built on the organisational processes, and everyone in an organisation understands how their work contributes to the end results.

It is also important to map, analyse and understand the process interactions, value chain, process maturity levels, improvement opportunities, automation of processes, integrating technology, digital transformation etc. All of these can make processes more effective and efficient and improve quality of products and services that can delight customers.

Speakers may choose any of the following sub topics or similar topics for the quality and process stream.

    • Process architecture and value chain
    • Process transformation and automation
    • Process improvements
    • Process innovation
    • Process effectiveness and efficiency
    • Cost of process quality
    • Process and quality control
    • Process and quality assurance
    • Process risk management
    • Process maturity assessments
    • Role of process in customer value proposition.

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