Problem Solving Pocket Guide

Are you tired of feeling stuck when faced with problems?

Do you wish to better define these problems and not waste your or your teams time?

Do you wish to better gather data and evidence on the causes and not just symptoms of the problem?

Do you want a proven methodology to develop effective and sustainable solutions?

Do you want a Problem Solving methodology that supports your individual and project team improvement efforts?

Look no further!

Our Problem Solving Pocket Guide is your key to conquering obstacles, risks and unlocking a world of possibilities and opportunities for successful change.

MMC builds collaborative business relationships to solve clients issues

Optimising client business performance in complex risk-based industries sustained within their integrated systems by Embedding Strategic Change.

Embedding Strategic Change Approach

Proven Process-based interventions to embed Enterprise-Wide Strategic Change:

  1. Systemic risk management in business processes
  2. Quality management systems in business processes
  3. Continual improvement management in business processes

Creating a Resilient Enterprise Capabilities to withstand Future Shocks
(Cranfield University, BSI, The Economist Intelligence Unit and ISO 22316:2017)

Embedding Strategic Change Methodology

Our “Keep, Change, Create”™ approach to Embedding Strategic Change

  1. Optimizing stakeholder needs to achieve strategic goals, risks and opportunities
  2. Business Acumen and risk-based thinking leadership practices in processes
  3. Integrating business management requirements into business processes
  4. Aligning continual improvement projects to business strategies and processes
  5. Sustaining systemic risk management guidelines and principles in business processes

MMC have a wealth of experience in problem solving, process improvement and creating strategies for both private and public sectors.

We work together to determine methodologies that will exist with your business and achieve the desired outcomes.

“Keep, Change, Create”™