Problem Solving Pocket Guide


Are you tired of feeling stuck when faced with problems? Do you wish to better define these problems and not waste your or your teams time? Do you wish to better gather data and evidence on the causes and not just symptoms of the problem? Do you want a proven methodology to develop effective and sustainable solutions? Do you want a Problem Solving methodology that supports your individual and project team improvement efforts? Look no further! Our Problem Solving Pocket Guide is your key to conquering obstacles, risks and unlocking a world of possibilities and opportunities for successful change.



Why choose our Problem Solving Pocket Guide?

**Instant Solutions:** Packed with proven problem-solving tools and techniques, this Pocket Guide provide a ready reference to steps you can take to make your problem solving teams more effective and efficient. guide provides quick and effective solutions to a wide range of challenges. Say goodbye to endless brainstorming sessions – our guide puts the answers right in your pocket!

**Practical Tips:** We understand that real-world problems demand practical solutions. Our guide is filled with actionable tips and strategies that you can apply immediately, ensuring you navigate through any situation with ease.

**Portable Power:** Designed to fit into your pocket or bag, this guide is your on-the-go problem-solving companion. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the move, your secret weapon is always within reach.

**Versatile Solutions:** No matter the nature of the challenge – be it professional, personal, or creative – our guide provides a versatile toolkit to tackle them all. From decision-making dilemmas to creative roadblocks, we’ve got you covered.

**Expert Guidance:** Crafted by seasoned problem-solving experts, this guide distils over 35 years of project-based problem solving with clients in Australia and Internationally. It is bite-size with the easy-to-understand 6-steps with a range of tools and techniques that clients use to enhance their problem solving practices. With the author being an ISO “Technical Specialist” on the ISO 10009 (Quality Tools); ISO 10014 (Financial and Economic Benefits of Quality) and ISO 10017 (Statistical Techniques) publications, you can be assured that you’re getting the best strategies backed by expertise.

Bonus Features:
Don’t let problems hold you back – empower yourself with the Problem Solving Pocket Guide and turn challenges and risks and into opportunities and stepping stones to project-based team success! Get yours today and take the first step towards a solution-driven life!


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