Who we are?

McLean Management Consultants (MMC)

(MMC) was established in 1988 in Sydney Australia and has assisted companies and government entities achieve their ambitions. It was founded on strategy, productivity, quality, and speed to support our client’s business improvement goals.

At the heart of the MMC consulting approach is a focus on delivering long-term sustainable improvements to the organisation’s key stakeholders. MMC consultants work alongside senior teams, to help them set direction and analyse their current performance, identify the gaps, and then put into place a change effort that will close the gaps.

What we do?

But designing new strategies, systems, processes, or organisations is not where it stops. At MMC we see that as the beginning. Implementing those designs so that they become embedded as the new way of doing ‘business as usual’ is what matters. And helping companies to do that is where we see our greatest strength

5 Why’s for MMC?

1. MMC’s track record secured the merger with Bywater UK in 1996 and then with Axon a UK Publicly listed company until they merged with HCL International in 2001 till 2005.

2. MMC continues to build upon this heritage in Australia and internationally sourcing international consultancies and industry disciplined programs.

3. MMC represents the Australian Industry Group on the Standards Australia National for all ISO Quality Management Systems, Standards and Guidelines, and Michael McLean, MMC, MD is a Technical Expert on various ISO Task Forces and Working Groups

4. MMC collaborates with Goal Group Professional Services, ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Defence Industry Security Program and other specialist advisors, consultants, trainers, and university researchers across Australia and internationally.

5. MMC affirm our client’s ability to grow shareholder value and take control of their own destinies. That is why our vision and the consulting partners we select and work with, support companies through self-managed change efforts